RJ154488 - Aya Kuchitani Talks In Her Native Iyoben Accent So You Can Jack Off

Circle : kimirinko.
Release : May/28/2015
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 90 MB

Good evening, I'm Aya Kuchitani, head of voice circle kimirinko.
This time I'm speaking not as a character, but myself.
I grew up in Ehime prefecture which has a regional dialect called "Iyoben".
I also wrote the scenario for this audio.

Experience the real me, not an actress, not performing in another style.
I want my fans to know me and masturbate to me as I am.

For those who prefer an anime voice, I have also included that in track #7!

Track 1 - P*ssy (4 min 09 sec)

Track 2 - C*ck (4 min 55 sec)

Track 3 - Sex (4 min 37 sec)

Track 4 - Paizuri (4 min 24 sec)

Track 5 - I love you (3 min 00 sec)

Track 6 - Moaning and sighs (6 min 16 sec)
* No affectations! This is how I sound

Track 7 - Moaning and sighs (5 min 06 sec) (anime voice)
* For fans who prefer performance

Track 8 - Blowjob (sound effects) (5 min 40 sec)

Track 9 - Blowjob (with dialog) (6 min 02 sec)

Total length: 44 min 09 sec
Bonus free talk by Aya Kuchitani

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RJ295436 - Sakura Amayome's Sexual Circumstances ~Lewd Daily Life~

Circle : tegurayuki
Release : Aug/08/2020
Series : Foley Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 392 MB

You're living your sweet live with Sakura as usual.
Get a glimpse into the details of all the sex during your daily life!
Experience the period from when you first met her,
to when the first buds of romance appear!

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RJ294930 - The Day I Got a Sexy Gal Stepsister ~Sweet Cherry Popping~

Circle : Discipline Girl
Release : Aug/08/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 645 MB

1) Kind oneshota sex with a sweet gal!
2) Tons of ear-licking, fellatio, and sex!
3) Healing ASMR with shampoo, cotton swab ear cleaning, etc.
4) A sweet lovers' happy end!

One day, I'm suddenly blessed with a big step-sister due to my parent's remarriage.
She's beautiful, with soft hair and a large bust.
Her name is Yuria, and whenever I'm around her, I can't help but get stiff.
When I ask her why that is, she shows me the answer using a variety of methods...

Yuria Tomosaka
CV: Kaede Akino

A gal JK that becomes your step-sister after your parent remarries.
Despite her looks, she has a soft and kind disposition.
She doesn't think things through too much, so she ends up seducing her new little brother
by flashing him her panties.
Her skill at cooking and big breasts give her a mother-like feeling.

[Track List]

[Bonus tracks]

Total playback time (main): 2 hours 15 minutes

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RJ292409 - JK Refresh Sexual Harassment Job Training ~Special Ear Licking Instruction~

Circle : WhiteBird
Release : Aug/08/2020
Series : JK Refresh
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 256 MB

A binaural audio product. Headphones or earphones recommended.

The concept this time is seeing a JK Refresh salon from a different perspective: that of the manager!
Since you're giving job training, this schoolgirl does her best to follow your every ecchi instruction!
Enjoy this rare ASMR situation!

Shiho Hayama
CV: Yuka Hinata

A cheery, hard-working and forward-thinking schoolgirl.
Stylish, and fit thanks to her swim practice.
Is popular among boys, but doesn't realize it.
However, she's quite aware and proud of her massive bust!

Total playback time: 1 hour 54 minutes 37 seconds

Contains ear cleaning, lotion massage, ear licking, lotion handjob, fellatio,
lotion titjob, deflowering, raw sex, creampie, etc.

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RJ175097 - My Little Flower Goddess!

Circle : ToroToro of Egg
Release : May/25/2016
Series : Strange Girlfriends
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 87 MB

Meet the "littlest little girl", a flower goddess who has protected the garden for 1000 years.
Lately nobody believes in such things. That's why she's gotten so tiny, like an undernourished plant.
She can't bear to get any smaller! (She's hungry!) Standing barely taller than a human finger,
the goddess is out to earn believers, starting with you.

05:10 scene1 (intro)
09:02 scene2 (the goddess's wish)
17:44 scene3 (the goddess gives her best)
01:07 scene4 (sleeping breath)
04:58 scene5 (epilogue)

Plus left/right versions

17:44 scene3_reverse (the goddess gives her best)
01:07 scene4_reverse (sleeping breath)

Plus wakeup/alarm voice files

CV: Ukanyan

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RJ290773 - シリーズ【VSサキュバス編】

Circle : 常世常闇所々 
Release : Aug/07/2020
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 168 MB

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RJ084151 - Jubu Jyobo!! TRY - 5 Year Anniversary Release

 Circle : Higashiyama Makoto BRAND
Release : Oct/06/2011
Series : Jyubujyubo
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 143 MB

Higashiyama Makoto BRAND celebrates their fifth year as a doujinshi circle!

An erotic blowjob-themed work with two play types, two characters.

Length: about 36 minutes
CV: Sayaka Kazuna (as Nyun and Maa)

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RJ294763 - My Personal Onahole Cumdump Oneesan ~The Virginity Graduation Committee~

Circle : C_Realization
Release : Aug/07/2020
Series : Committee of Taking Male Virginity
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 287 MB

A kind and erotic older girl becomes your personal cumdump,
and lets you drain your balls inside her with baby-making sex!

A binaural audio product (KU100). Headphones or earphones recommended.

CV Kaede Akino free talk included! Kaede does her best to speak some English for her foreign fans!

1) Personal Onahole Cumdump Oneesan
Has known you, the protagonist for a long time.
A kind and easy-going girl who does whatever you ask of her!
Of course, she also loves sexy business, so she doesn't mind if you fill
her womb with your cum over and over.
She gets fertilized with your seed for a happy ending!

2) Protagonist (Shota)
Since awakening to your horny side, you really want to have sex with
that kind, older girl, so you consult with the Virgin Graduation Committee!
You may be a shota, but you has tons of semen ready to impregnate
your favorite oneesan.

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RJ124801 - Senpai Kaoru's Cool Collapse Into Ero Ero Ecchi!

Release : Nov/16/2013
Series : Adult Voice
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 152 MB

"Do you know why I asked you in here?"
Upperclassman Kaoru Yuzuki is usually a very proper girl.
She invited you to her house because she's made a choice.
Ever cool and composed, she wants to do it with you.

6 scenes + ending
This is how to deep kiss (10:54)
Yes, you can put it in my mouth (09:14)
Do me hard... (01:36)
Take out your c*ck (03:55)
Cum in my throat if you want (02:34)
Put it deep inside (06:45)
I forget what else I wanted to say (00:31)

CV: Yuuri

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RJ067370 - Girlie Voice Ensemble

Circle : sneeker studio
Release : Oct/25/2010
Series : Single Voice @ Omnibus CV
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 294 MB

Cuuuuute girl audio omnibus of erotic and rather funny voice actresses.
Binaural recordings are included.
Tons of filthy, uncensored language.

Hina Yuduki - about 22 minutes
Nana Hyogetsu - about 37 minutes
Amane Shiina - about 26 minutes

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RJ203945 - Having Done Diet, Junior Girl Responds Differently

Circle : The sense of sight
Release : Jul/27/2017
Series : A Voice Drama For Losing Weight
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 69 MB

The most important and the most difficult thing to replenish is the
"motivation" to lose weight. No method is effective unless it's done.

Will cute girls respond differently, if you are successful at losing weight?

It's certain that changing yourself also changes others!
Keep motivated to reshape your body and the girl's response!

Total length: 6 minutes 38 seconds

CV: Yuka Hinata

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RJ288582 - (Bone Conduction) Smart Speaker Girl!

Circle : motorworks
Release : Jun/05/2020
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 76 MB

A girl gets a smart speaker in the mail and decides to try out some ASMR.
But what it plays is binaural bone conduction!

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RJ070370 - Working at a Men's Clinic - If only there were such a place

Circle : GREENWAY 
Release : Dec/15/2010
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 65 MB

An erotic audio drama that explores the "what if" scenario of a clinic that provides very intimate health service. 

Reality-based with dashes of heavenly fantasy - let your mind slip into lustful thoughts while your body relaxes gently. 

4 audio episodes + bonus 

Length: 77 minutes 
Voices: Ryou Suzuki, Ao Inukai

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RJ233758 - Transforming Heroine's Corruption Report 3 Justice Heroines under Brainwash

Circle : dodameya 
Release : Nov/10/2018
Series  :Heroine's Corruption Report
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 363 MB

This is the last chapter of the series of transforming heroines' brainwash. 

Sexual Discipline Menu: titjob, tentacle, breastmilk, sexual service, 
bukkake, drinking semen, perverted self introduction, corruption etc.

12 chapters in approx. 2 hr 20 min

CVs: SatouShio/Karin Inoue/Chiroru Ohyama

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