Posted by : Kirazu December 04, 2020

Circle : ajaib suara 
Release : Aug/29/2015
Series : A (XX) (YY)
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 57 MB

Your older sister is the class president, valedictorian, beauty queen. 
Everything she does, she does better than anyone else. 
But big sis has a fetish only you know, and it's your key to ruling her... 

Want to have some fun bringing out the "other" side of your big sis Kaoru? 

0 Introduction (1 min) 
1 Her hobby (18 min)
2 A midnight rendezvous (15 min) 
3 She belongs to you (21 min) 
4 Epilogue (4 min) 

Length: about 61 min 

CV: Nanako Igarashi

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