Posted by : Kirazu October 07, 2020

Circle : mukumukuokky 
Release : Dec/10/2012
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 72 MB

You, your older girlfriend and your younger girlfriend all 
meet on the same date at the same time in the same place. 
Uh oh. 

Kanae (CV: Sayuri Misaki) works at a relaxation salon. 
She's a bit fiesty, a bit serious, and experienced in bed. 
A dreamy combination that you love. 

Younger Saya (CV: Akane Yanagishima) is your kohai at school. 
It's her first date and you're her first love. 

When they meet each other passions flare. Who will you choose? 
You have one date to decide. The girls must compete for your love. 

Double date (?) R-18 voice drama recorded in surround sound. 

4 scenes (incl. left/right options for one scene) 

Voice work (CVs) provided by... 

Sayuri Misaki
Akane Yanagishima

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