Posted by : Kirazu October 10, 2020

Circle : Sakura House 
Release : Jan/04/2013
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 40 MB

Mwa ha hahhh... 
Want to see a surprise? 
Look what I've got down here..... 

(shuffle shuffle) 

It's a penis!! 

Well? Well!? 
Isn't it awesome? Freaky!? 
It's bigger than yours! Isn't that cool!!!? 
Hnaa ahahana! 
Looks like you're speechless. Kuhuu! 
Well, I was shocked too at first. 

So now you know. I'm here. 
Why do you think I came to your bedroom? 



It's to ce-le-brate. 

Length: 18 min 25 sec 
CV: An Sakura

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