Posted by : Kirazu November 26, 2020

Circle : ajaib suara 
Release : Sep/15/2015
Series : Whisper Girlfriend
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 54 MB

A light voice and a sweet time. No worries, no long talks. 
Let the tension slowly leave your body. Relax. Close your eyes. 
Be embraced by her gentle breath... 

* Characters are different for each volume of the Whisper Girlfriend series. 
Enjoy them in any order for relaxation. This is not a drama series. :) 

0 Intro (1 min) 
1 I was watching you sleep (22 min)
2 Were you dozing off? (22 min) 
3 Together in the bath (19 min) 

Length: about 66 min 

CV: Mocha Mizuito

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