Posted by : Kirazu October 07, 2020

Circle : Madogiwa Crusaders 
Release : Oct/23/2015
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 64 MB

E-x-cu-u-u-se me-e-e. 
Ah, did I frighten you? 
You don't know who I am. Ha ha. 
A stranger to you. 
But perhaps you know me better than you think. 
Search the lost quarters of your mind, ne? 
A hazy memory. 
A hazy recognition. 
Who am I? you wonder. 
Have no fear. I won't lay a finger on you... 
... Not one... *finger* ... but let me ask. 
Do you like tails? 

Hypnotic seduction by a succubus. 

Approx 50 minutes
(Some binaural sound effects) 

Voice actress: Kotone Akatsuki

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