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Circle : Poinsettia 
Release : Jan/15/2019
Series : Relax and be Healed!
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 592 MB

"Excuse me, Onii-san. Onii-saaaan.
Yes, you the one walking down the road. Could I have a moment of your time?
My apologies for stopping you so suddenly.
My name is Ibuki Miyabi, and I am part of the ear cleaning club."

"The truth is, I've seen you walking around campus thee past few days,
and you struck me as someone who was awfully tired.
If you are so tired, why don't you avail yourself of our club's services?
I promise you'll be physically and mentally refreshed."

7 tracks in 1 hour 59 minutes 24 seconds
+ Illustrations
+ MP3 Audio
+ MP4 (with English and Chinese subtitles)

CV: NyaruPomupomu

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