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Circle : Shirokuma no Yome 
Release : Nov/02/2015
Series : sirokumanoyome+
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 331 MB

Let's dive deep into the world of the ear. 

* This is a binaural (stereo sound) recording. 
For best enjoyment, please use earbuds or headphones. 

Includes all of the following! 

* Mimibon! Ver 2 * DL Edition * 
An instructional 20-page guide: How To Do Mimikaki (Ear Cleaning)
JPEG, PDF formats 

* MimiCD * DL Edition(Hifi) * 
20 minutes of ear cleaning instruction + 47 minutes of simulated massage, washing, wax removal, and more... 

* ASMR * Mimikaki Audio Guide * 
Mimibon whispers all the different means and devices for doing ear cleaning 
34 incredible tingly minutes 

* Real Time * Ear Cleaning * 
Want more? How about 35 minutes of ear cleaning and chatting! 
A special new sensation: your ears are cold, so she nestles your head in her lap! 
* Versions available with or without "hizamakura" (head on lap) noise

* Bonus * 
Variations of all the above (totaling 3.5 hours) and free talk (3 min) 

Shirokuma no Yome (CV: Ayaka Igasaki)

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