Posted by : Kirazu April 21, 2019

Circle : HoneyLabel 
Release : Nov/14/2015
Series : Cats of Mashiro's House
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 116 MB

The 6th entry of Honeylabel's voice series "Cats of Mashiro's House" 

This time is... a mystical shrine audio! 
There's still so much do with the felines of Mashiro's world. 
Ayame is special; she's actually a fox tail spirit who inhabits the shrine. 
Let's go behind the school to the shrine, and meet the little maiden... 

"What? A visitor? You're staring at me pretty hard..." 

"Oh...? You're really looking at me. I haven't met a human like you in a while." 

"Kukuku... relax and take your time..." 

* Standard and binaural formats

00 Opening 
01 Nameru (licking) 
02 Jyareai frolicking)
03 Soine (falling asleep together) (bonus)

+ imagery 

CV: Yukiya Satsuki

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