Posted by : Kirazu April 20, 2019

Circle : HoneyLabel 
Release : Nov/21/2015
Series : Cats of Mashiro's House
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 123 MB

The 7th entry of Honeylabel's voice series "Cats of Mashiro's House" 

This time Jyura plays Kaede Igarashi, your strange nekomimi classmate. 
You come to in pitch blackness... the situation is unclear... she's blindfolded you and your hands and feet are tied. 

"Ah ha, looks like someone is awake." 

"You know the school nurse is named Kureha, don't you? Of course you would, you're secretly dating her." 

"It's Kureha... Igarashi. She's my older sister." 

"I love my sister very much. I love what she loves. Therefore... I love you... get it?" 

* Standard and binaural formats

00 Opening 
01 Namemakuri (covered in licks)
02 Miminame (ear licking)
03 Bonus

+ imagery 

CV: Jyura

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