Posted by : Kirazu April 21, 2019

Circle : The fruits of knowledge 
Release : Jun/12/2016
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 173 MB

How easy it is to be manipulated by an "otaku circle princess". 
That sadistic perv with a sweet voice will make you do anything, won't she? 
She'll make you dress in girls clothes, shame you with a hand on your c*ck, 
break out the even make you live out her fantasy of guy-on-guy? 
Because she's a fujoshi? You never know. 

1. Jack off now or I'll tell everyone (11 min 56 sec)
2. You can't use the boys room dressed like that (25 min 07 sec) 
3. Let's watch each other masturbate (21 min 13 sec) 
4. I'll give senpai his first time (20 min 13 sec) 
5. Can't resist any more (25 min 39 sec) 
6. I Wanted to lick your d*ck (19 min 38 sec) 

Over 2 hours of submission to her! 

CV: Meguru Utakata

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