Posted by : Kirazu April 18, 2019

Circle : abnormal fantasy 
Release : Jul/20/2016
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 405 MB

Ah ha ha, welcome. 

Welcome to my lair. 

Many an adventurer like you has come. They've never left. There's nothing left of them. 

I will catch you. You will kiss oblivion. We shall share... unparalleled delights

... as siphon every last ounce of your soul. 

Men are entranced by my perfume. It's a maddening scent, to confuse the mind and enhance the pleasure. 

Would you like that? 

Ah ha ha, if you so desire, then I am waiting. Do come inside. 

* Hypnotic seduction by a cum-vampire with a bewitching scent

* Binaural audio, female voice, recommended for the male M listener

12 tracks incl. intro, induction, ending, etc. 

Total length: 3 hours 03 min 24 sec 

CV: Ren Momoka 

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