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Circle : Tower of Desire 
Release : Jul/15/2016
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 108 MB

A beautiful vixen seduces you without mercy. Total domination, no reversal. 
Adapted from the popular artwork of Tower of Desire, as shared on the HP and Pixiv: ttp://

"I heard the rumor...... is it really true?" 
A hero who wandered into a village (= you) heard a voice. 
He looked around. The scene was not unusual, but there was no one there......

"You'd like to know what' happening in this village. I may tell you but, 
in return, I have a condition." 

Suddenly there was a beautiful girl, Fran, before him. He was forced into battle. 

[DL Special] 
This voice drama includes illustrations by You Matsui (@matsuiyou)
9 total JPEG images / Mini CG collection / 1600x1200 size 

Ch1 6:30 meeting, kissing 
Ch2 6:34 true form ~ sex training aftertaste 
Ch3 8:23 persuasion ~ trance
Ch4 5:07 chaos ~ seal 
Ch5 7:46 intoxication ~ embrace of the sinful flesh 
Ch6 3:23 puppeted doll
Ch7 6:33 broken purpose ~ finality 

Length: 44 min 19 sec 

CV: Haruru Akiyama

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