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Circle : Maistar 
Release : Nov/17/2016
Series : slaves of sister's Onaho
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 488 MB

Masturbation support with the help of a little sister. ;) 

HANABi does the artwork, Kurumi Miru provides the imouto performance, 
where she uses a new rubber vagina that she bought. 
Listen, stroke and enjoy being at her complete mercy. 

You can choose your own scenario to fit the mood. 12 different ejaculation scenes!
Or perhaps you prefer not being ALLOWED to ejaculate? 4 styles of cock teasing!
This imouto-licious product has a whopping total 200 minutes of volume!
Just for you, oniichan...

"I'm going to set you straight oniichan!"
Your dearest imouto on a quest to cure your masochism!
Well... at least that's how things started.
Now, a slave to the depravity.
Your body and soul, the property of lil sis...


Sex training! 
1. CFNM incest & verbal abuse 
2. Feet in your face - smiff them, loser! 
3. You on all fours, walking like a dog 
4. Nipple licking of all sorts 
5. Strapon and subtle ass friction 

AND THEN! The following four sex trainings can begin!

Handjob punishment - and a little spank on the bottom, too
Footjob punishment - oniichan's milk is pumped like a livestock
Nipple punishment - chikuni / nipplebation and wank toy combination! 
Anal punishment - you're little sister's strapon slave! 
Ending - with normal ejaculation in part A, fleshlight ejaculation in part B 

Plus! BONUS tracks of romance and refined mazo situations! 
(These are guest-written sequels to situations from "slaves of sister's Onaho vol.2") 

Total length: about 154 min 47 sec + bonus 48 min 11 sec !!! 

Voice by Kurumi Miru 

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