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Circle : Sakuramusubi 
Release : May/23/2018
Series : Soothing GF
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size :  151 MB

* Prologue

Spring, the season for everyone to take a new step, has come. 

Natsumi looks like a juvenile delinquent with her hair dyed 
in blue color, yet has the smarts and clever personality.
But due to her boyish nature, she tended to spend time alone.

You, a childhood friend of hers, were the only one who interacted
with her as "friends" without regarding her as such.
Natsumi confessed her love to you. You accepted it.

A month later, Natsumi stares at you studying in your room.

Natsumi: "Hey, how long will your assignment take~?
Are you addicted to studying? It's not an exam period, c'mon~~"

It seems Natsumi wants to do something with you.

5 chapters containing: whispers, ear licking, handjob & kiss, 
fellatio, oral cumshot, ear cleaning, leg pillow etc.

 Natsumi CV: Kanau

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