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Release : Dec/15/2018
Series : Mimikiss
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 115 MB

Your senior girlfriend whispers very closely to your ears.
She always makes fun of you while pushing around you,
But each of her aggressive words are filled with her deep love for you.
She has a "carrot and stick" teasing your ears...

Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.
* recorded with a dummy head microphone.

Shinonome Ryoko
Height: 164 cm
BWH: 92 / 61 / 88

Your senpai & girlfriend who works as a school council president.
Having two sides of personality, sadistic and generous.

[Key Points]
- Verbal abuse with no mercy
- Her fetishism for your embarrassed face
- Her pure mind behind sadistic surface

[Track List]
01. Called by senior girlfriend (05:35)
02. Mouth-to-mouth in lunch time (08:40)
03. Rewarding afterschool (07:16)
04. Ear cleaning with leg pillow (09:49)
05. From ear licking to ear kissing (09:41)
06: First kiss (15:38)

Total playback time: 56 minutes

CV: Shiho Bubaigawara (as Ryoko Shinonome)

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