Posted by : Kirazu April 23, 2019

Circle  : Steam Flyer 
Release : Jan/05/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 160 MB

Steam Flyer's 6th installment!
This time's theme is the escape game!
......However, don't get your hopes up for being able to escape (lol)

A mysterious cat-eared girl Monika-chan wants to play a game with you.
The rules are simple: You get a key every time you c*m. 
When you get three, you can escape. There's nothing more to it than that.
Anyway, enjoy having Monika-chan guide you to climax!

01 Welcome to the sexual escape game! 08:59
02 Do you like when I do it gently? 20:26
03 Hehehe, this time I'm not going easy, kay? 17:43
04 UNKNOWN CAT 20:54
05 Ending 02:35

Playtime: Approx. 70 minutes

CV: Nodoka Nishiura

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Acefile | GDrive

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