Posted by : Kirazu May 31, 2019

Circle : Cyclone Mint 
Release : Jun/08/2013
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 66 MB

"Senpai... Do you like... girls?" 

Your shy kohai spoke up after school 
with deep felt feelings, asking you to go 
all the way. You agreed. 

One hypnotic trick later and she was in your body, and you in hers. 

"Oh senpai, you became me. You're ssssooo cute. 
I'll give you all my love. My virginity. In your body." 

Erotic hypnosis audio. 
Please listen in a private area. 

Length: about 86 minutes 
CV: Ryo Suzuki

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Sharer | YuuDrive

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