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Circle : circle_delusion 
Release : Feb/06/2014
Series : Real Experience Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 258 MB

For their entire lives they were best friends. 
She was his first love, but after all these years they'd never gotten closer than "friends". 
Like an infinite loop, like a game restarted each day with no save. 
Things were the same now as they were ten years ago. That was fine, maybe. 

They were eating ice cream, he and this girl he was in love with. 
She had a tiny bit of ice cream on her face. 
What if he did something to surprise her? 
Something that made her heart skip a beat. She'd see him in a new way. 
For example, if he dabbed the ice cream off her pretty face! 
And then ate it! 
Too embarrassing. 

* An audio novel about the the spring of love. 

Please note there is no intercourse in this story. 

Voice: Isuzu Hanasaki 
Length: 3 hours 39 minutes

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