Posted by : Kirazu May 10, 2019

Circle : VOTOMS 
Release : Oct/21/2016
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 320 MB

The place: 

A highly secret club with cameras (and a wrestling ring) 

The fighter: 

A 28-year-old champion female wrestler, also a well-known "breaker" in fetish circles 

The purpose: 

Rich women pay to watch this talented woman wreck masochists in a sexual way; 
the mazos can be men or women, so long as the result is fun to watch

But the room is nearly empty... the audience is anonymous, worldwide, online... 

01. Ding! Get this fight started
02. Grand offense and defense!! 
03. Salty match!!!!
04. The match is fixed!!!
05. What a miraculous turnaround!!!!!
EX. Bulgarian sandbag 

71 min 12 sec 

CV: Ao Inukai 

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