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Circle : voiceworld 
Release : Oct/02/2011
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 39 MB

Gghhh... who goes there? Who disturbs my sleep? Do you seek to violate the treasure tomb? 

I feel you... you have aroused my conscience... I feeeel you... I feeeeel you intruder... 

Whoever you are, whatever your purpose... you have been extremely foolish... 

What will you do? 

1. Fight
2. Run away 
3. Strike 

> Strike 

An erotic sound novel about an adventurer's encounter with a mummy girl. 
She uses her bindings to tie the hero up and toy with his penis. 
Styled after an RPG, recorded in high fidelity in a professional studio. 

Length: 43 minutes 
CV: Midori Midoriyama 

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