Posted by : Kirazu June 10, 2019

Circle : SexyLifeHacker 
Release : May/10/2012
Series : Monmu Thriller
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 109 MB

Once there lived sexual, inhuman spirit girls in a mansion deep in the forest. 
You got lost and found yourself there. 

Inside the doors of this haunted place, a jiang chi spirit was roused by your manhood 
and swept on you as a morsel of succulent, seduction-worthy prey. 

She was the form of a cadaverous young girl. And she would make you call her "mistress". 

Erotic voice drama about a dominating ghost girl. 

Before: 24:10 min/sec 
After: 31:11 min/sec 

CV: Ryo Suzuki

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