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Circle : Blitzkrieg 
Release : Mar/08/2013
Series : Netorare
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 81 MB

A netorare audio for masochist males. 

You came home to a strange man in your home. Your girlfriend acted strangely. 
Then you saw them kissing later and it clicked. She had another man. 
She was going to leave you. You didn't want this. So she proposed this: 
"For the next two months I'll do as I please, and you'll live with it." 
Do you have what it takes to endure the humiliation of seeing her betray you? 

Play types: 

hot sex, sex showoff, male genital comparison, 
verbal abuse, bullying, tantric restraint, provocation, 
denial of orgasm, sperm disposal, handjob, footjob 
... others 

These are certain days from those two months. 
On the final day, a choice is made. 

7 tracks (inc. opening) 
Length: 1 hour 5 min 38 sec 
CV: Moe Itou 

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