Posted by : Kirazu June 10, 2019

Circle : Agufugu Butchers 
Release : Nov/25/2013
Series : Whisper Series
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 24 MB

I love the sound of someone talking very close to my ear. So close her lips are brushing me... 
If this your wish, it has been answered with the Whisper Series. 

CV: Che Jiru

* This time is a little different from usual. 
The scenario is a sexy nurse talking sensually into your ear. 
The voice actress, however, narrates as YOU in your boyhood. 

"Your" first orgasm, after "you" discover masturbation, and after a tired day. 
3 patterns. 

Bonus long fellatio scene 12:15 min/sec 

Total length: about 60 minutes

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