Posted by : Kirazu June 01, 2019

Circle : Neitifasu 
Release : Mar/01/2014
Series : Fetish / Other
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 152 MB

The latest way that girls like to hook up is by initiating sex, then going all bored at penetration. 
It's the golden age for passive guys like us. 

If you have a fetish for seducive girls who become cold fish during climax, this is for you. 

Audio length: 45 minutes 
Characters/scenarios: 3 
Artwork: 6 base, 40 total CGs 

1 Congratulations, you're not a virgin 18:00 
You met a sexy, trashy gal who lured you to a hotel. 
The makeout was hot. Everything was amazing. 
Then as you "graduated" from virginity, she took out her phone to check mail... 

2 The quiet library girl does doggy style 12:55 
The innocent-looking bookworm at the library invited you into her pants. 
A glimpse of her wet panties and that peachy ass got your engines revved. 
You both seemed out of your minds with arousal, but when your hips slapped together...?

3 Lolikko Miku-chan's seduction 14:08 
Miku-chan was a naughty little girl you were private tutoring. 
She asked you to sleep over since her parents were out all night. 
That sweet voice and her provocative loli ways got you into her bed, 
and before you knew it you were inside her... and just like that... 

CV: Ryo Suzuki 

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