Posted by : Kirazu June 04, 2019

Circle : B-bishop 
Release : Jan/18/2014
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 224 MB

This voice drama is about how a group of elegant females who captured you dominate your d*ck and corrupt your allegiance. 

"I love this part. You know how I'm going to get you? 
Because you WANT me to take your pride. First I'll make your 
d*ck feel like it has never felt before. You WILL be my pet. 
Submit and you will be rewarded. That's a good boy." 

There's the strict leader, the blowjob addicted cadet, and the one with the onaho toy... 

7 lengthy scenes
Total length: approx 120 minutes! 

CVs: Nao Inukai, Ren Momoka, Kaoru Ikuta

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