Posted by : Kirazu June 06, 2019

Circle : Mystiska Lab 
Release : Dec/25/2014
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 118 MB

Kouyou Terunari's Spiritual Factor is a series of appended lessons 
brought to you by Mystiska Lab/Luminous=Studio and MAGIC FACTORY, 
creator of the Gateway to Magic Master audio series: 

Learn to control your "Psycho Field", the method of influencing space around you
and an advanced barrier that can have many useful applications. 


- Spiritual Factor spinoff drama 


1. Relax
2. How to feel the power
3. Concentrate the power into a ball
4. Set up your field 
5. Expand, contract and move your field
6. Rapid movement challenge 
7. Advanced expansion and contraction 
8. Field shape and target capture

Full version (MP3, 320 kbps) 

Voice actress: Aki Outsuki

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