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Circle : Mystiska Lab 
Release : Feb/08/2015
Series : Kouyou Terunari's Spiritual Factor
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 81 MB

Kouyou Terunari's Spiritual Factor is a series of appended lessons 
brought to you by Mystiska Lab/Luminous=Studio and MAGIC FACTORY, 
creator of the Gateway to Magic Master audio series: 

Envision and apply an aura of protection around yourself, an "Energy Skin" 
that can disguise yourself or deflect the spiritual harm of modern society. 


- Spiritual Factor spinoff drama 


1. Relax
2. Envision a psychic field
3. Focus on the sensation of your body's surface
4. Extend your bodily surface / aura outward 
5. Contract the aura to camouflage yourself
6. Being conscious of both skin and field at the same time
7. Cognizance of the skin's fluidity 
8. Skin automation / fusion with the body 

Practical uses and efficacy of the Energy Skin 


Full version (MP3, 320 kbps) 
3 files: total 36 min 58 sec length 

Voice actress: Aki Outsuki

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