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Circle : Mystiska Lab 
Release : Jun/08/2015
Series : Kouyou Terunari's Spiritual Factor
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 95 MB

Kouyou Terunari's Spiritual Factor is a series of appended lessons 
brought to you by Mystiska Lab/Luminous=Studio and MAGIC FACTORY, 
creator of the Gateway to Magic Master audio series: 

Weaponize your brain to zap bad moods and unhealthy vibes. 
Learn to specifically attack negativity with the "Anti Mind Pulse" technique. 


- Spiritual Factor spinoff drama 
- Rules for opposing false bad feelings 
- Comparison with Electro Magnetic Pulse


1. Relax
2. Envision a psychic field
3. Executing a basic AMP 
4. Further applications of AMP
5. How to create an AMP field around yourself 
6. AMP efficiency (short cuts) 
7. Attacking emotional negativity (hacking) 
6. Being conscious of both skin and field at the same time
7. Cognizance of the skin's fluidity 
8. Skin automation / fusion with the body 


Full version (MP3, 320 kbps) 

Voice actress: Aki Outsuki

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