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Circle : Love Dream 
Release : Aug/10/2015
Series : Whispering Cumpump
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 281 MB


Three kingdoms shared the land: Iriam, Caneria and Nirva. 
Iriam and Caneria were peaceful, but Nirva was aggressive and conquered Iriam. 
The prince of Iriam became a prisoner, and was shackled naked in a dungeon. 
A lone female entered his cell, and said this.. 

"I am sent to harvest your semen. Of course, it can be pleasant for us both." 

Lust replaced the gloom. The cell became a chamber of tranquil erogeny... but why? 

9 tracks of female-on-male scenarios for the M male 
Male sex toy masturbation, ear cleaning, paizuri, fellatio, more
Total length: about 1 hour 55 min + bonus voice 

CV: Tomoyo Asakura

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