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Circle : Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise 
Release : Aug/23/2015
Series : Cumbucket
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 206 MB

"Miki" is a justice heroine who specializes in freeing girls from hypnosis. 
She pretends to be hypnotized to get close to the perp. While he's counting down, 
she tries to break the spell on the other girls. But she's not immune herself. 
With each repetition she doesn't realize her soul is corroding little by little... 

Justice Heroine
justice1.mp3 - intense gasping orgy 
justice2.mp3 - short gasping orgy
justice3.mp3 - gagged orgy 
justice4.mp3 - fellatio orgy 
justice5.mp3 - gapeface gasp orgy 
justice6.mp3 - rough breathing

Each track is 15 minutes 53 seconds 
Please note the story is the same for each track with repeating dialogue
The 6th track with rough breathing is different, in that it isn't an orgy 

Grope Train
train_b1.mp3 - intense gasping orgy 
train_b2.mp3 - short gasping orgy
train_b3.mp3 - gagged orgy 
train_b4.mp3 - fellatio orgy 
train_b5.mp3 - gapeface gasp orgy 
train_b6.mp3 - rough breathing

Each track is 9 minutes 59 seconds 
Please note there is no particular story for Grope Train.
All sound is heavy breathing inside a train. 

CV: Ren Momoka

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