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Circle : T.F.S 
Release : May/25/2017
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 168 MB

Having been raised under the path of the sword, 
this virtuous girl, Ako Tengenji, has no immunity to guys... 
Enjoy as she falls... is corrupted by... the one, the only... LOVE.

There is no blackmail, no violation, no discipline.
The catalyst of her change, her metamorphosis... is pure love.

[Track List]
scene.01 (08:12) Confession
scene.02 (07:24) First Kiss
scene.03 (05:34) Adulty Kiss
scene.04 (06:50) First Orgasm
scene.05 (09:53) Service Fellatio
scene.06 (09:08) First Night
scene.07 (06:32) And...
scene.08 (06:27) Her Fall...
scene.09 (05:17) Epilogue...

scene.EX01 (09:58) Fellatio Sound Loop
scene.EX02 (09:58) Sex Sound Loop
(* These tracks contain no speaking / words, just wet slurping fellatio sounds)

scene.EX03 (04:14) Voice Actress Free Talk

scene.EX04 (08:40) -Three years later- The woman that was Ako Tengenji
(* The after story of Ako, now a lewd perverted girl with no other discerning traits)

Ako Tengenji CV: Ryou Suzuki

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