Posted by : Kirazu June 12, 2019

Circle : Trinity Moon 
Release : Jul/08/2016
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 117 MB

"Haaa~i, me and oniichan will mind the house. Because I can't be home alone, ne!" 

You, the personal tutor of Momoka-chan, are as trusted as a babysitter. 
While she bathes you find a pair of her panties dropped on the floor, but she thinks 
that you stole them from her dresser drawer. 

"I bet you were like thiiiiiiiis," she taunts, referring to an engorged penis. 
"Liar! Mind if I check?" 

How big is your thing anyway, "oniichan"? ...... 


Seductions of a kawaii private student 

13 tracks, 67:14 runtime 

CV: Tsukushi Haruno

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