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Circle : Tonkotsu Wave 
Release : Sep/29/2018
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 1.20 GB

This product contains the following titles:
"Oniichan, did you think I don't know? (RJ220194)"
"Oniichan, please stop......! (RJ220446)"
"Oniichan, You're such a virgin boy (lol) (RJ221075)"
"Counseling Center in 3rd Block (RJ221319)"
"My Busty and Kind Aunt Came to Visit Me (RJ221796)"
"Mother Elf of Melleden (RJ222263)"
"Self-proclaimed Succubus Lady (RJ222841)"
"When the Princess Meets An Orc (RJ223710)"
"PrivaTitty Tutor (RJ224677)"
"Easygoing Summer Time (RJ225116)"
"Summer Sounds (RJ226305)"
"Witch's Whispers Under The Moon (RJ227050)"
"Azusa-san Kindly Comforts Her Junior Coworker (RJ228992)"
"Witch's Whispers Under The Moon ~After~ (RJ229120)".

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