Posted by : Kirazu June 02, 2019

Circle : Rough Sketch
Release : May/31/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 1.5 GB

In a certain academy's library, there is a junior student who 'loves' pampering you.
The "Time to be Super Spoiled" heals and relaxes your withered and tired soul.

All the audio content in this work is recorded with dummy head & dummy body microphone.
Headphones / earphones are recommended for the best "To Be Spoiled" Experience.
The recording has been performed in pursuit of the best hugging position, so that 
you can feel the realistic presence and even warmth of your junior student.

* Listen to this audio with a body pillow if available. 
It may further boost the sweet feelings that arise from within your body.

~ Today's "Time to be Spoiled" ~
01. It's "spoiling time" 
02. Kiss hand job "spoiling time" 
03. Mouth "spoiling time" 
04. Sweet sex "spoiling time" 
05. Welcome home "spoiling time" 
06. Tooth brushing "spoiling time" 
07. Ear cleaning "spoiling time" 1
08. Ear cleaning "spoiling time" 2
09. In bed "spoiling time" 
10. In bed "spoiling time" return to the womb sex
11. In bed "spoiling time" ejaculation track
12. In bed "spoiling time" wet dream track
Total playback: Approx. 156 minutes (not incl. variations)
+ 5 extra tracks
+ Bonus Free Talk 

CV: Yuka Hinata

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