Posted by : Kirazu July 18, 2019

Circle : needrope
Release : Apr/05/2016
Series : Ingo na Jukujo
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 96 MB

A man of industry buys a nice western home in a quiet neighborhood. 
Better than the home is his personal housekeeper. 
There is also his wife, a sadistic lover who video-messages him overseas: 

"You are not allowed to orgasm until you're home." 

In front of the camera she touches herself, taunting him. 
The next day he rushes home and she strokes him to the brink, 
and when he cums there's more and more, then she f*cks him as she pleases. 
Confident and powerful. His sadist wife is incredible. 

Verbal abuse, tantric masturbation, handjob, fellatio, d*ck spanking, 
anal vibrator, creampie sex, doggy style, squirting, continuous acme.... 

5 files, MP3 format, 76 minutes 

CV: Phan Masaki 

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