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Circle : Trance Me
Release : Jan/21/2013
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 167 MB

The joys of hypnosis masturbation from the maestro of ero audio. 

RE069219-Psyny Hypnosis Molester Train 
RE075516-Psyny -All the Girls in Class are Sex Objects-

Psyny Hypnosis Molester Train (SUMMARY) 

AngelBlack, creator of the massively popular "PSYNY!!" series! 
Presenting an all-new "Trance-me!!" work about train girls enticing you to molest them! 

"Trance-me" has advanced effects and features. 
It boasts the incredible unique artwork of PSYNY!! artist Retsumaru. 
Sensual ear-burning erotica has never been this good! 

Voice: Riko Wakatsuki 
Art: Retsumaru 
Created by: AngelBlack 
Special Thanks: Professor S and members of the Modern psychology lab in T University 

Psyny -All the Girls in Class are Sex Objects- (SUMMARY) 

Experience a world of hypnotic indecency...
Succumb to the vocal seductions of this erotic audio. 

Cuckoldry and netorare story. 

Yuna arrived at school to find that things were... different. 
Everyone was acting strange, grinning like dopes in class and walking around campus. 
Then all of a sudden all the boys and girls started to masturbate. 
With no inhibitions or need for secrecy, she stripped and joined them. 

I watched all this happen. It seems only I am unaffected. 

Why am I the only one? 

* 2 raunchy hypnosis stories of indecent cum-filled sex objectification 


AngelBlack, creator of the massively popular "trance masturbation" series, 
presents another orgasmic "Trance-Me!!" audio drama! 

Masturbation freaks rejoice - enjoy the magical perverse ride. 

* Disclaimer: Not an actual hypnosis product. 

Illustrator: Retsumaru 
CV: Riko Wakatsuki

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