Posted by : Kirazu July 20, 2019

Circle : asakurashop
Release : Oct/28/2013
Series : Asakuraya
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 95 MB

Welcome to the gentle resting room, Asakuraya. 
Today I, Wakana, will tend to you, the customer. 
If I may begin, the course is ear cleaning, yes? 
Please allow me to begin the preparations. 
Please lay down on your preferred side. 
Place your head on my lap, please. 
Tee hee... is something wrong? Don't be nervous. 
It's okay. Drooling with relaxation is very normal. 
Relax... relax. 
Yes, put your head here. 
Do I feel warm? Do I smell good? 
Let all your inhibitions go. 
Let's relax together, to the sound of my voice. 
Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... 
out... good... in... out... good...... 

Of course, after the mimikaki session there's an additional feel-good service! 
Enjoy intimate nibbles in each ear! 

* Binaural voice set, headhpones recommended 

CV: Wakana Kusunoki 

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