Posted by : Kirazu July 26, 2019

Circle : ristorante
Release : Mar/01/2014
Age Ratings : R-rated
File Size : 411 MB

This erotic and healing audio is the circle's 130th product! 
Bonus calendar data from Winter Comiket + 2 bonus noise reduction and breathing heavy tracks have been added! 
All tracks are available as Binaural recorded or Standard mixdown for your preference. 
Track #2 is available with or without sound effects. Take your pick. 

Mimikaki (ear cleaning), Miminame (Ear licking), Soothing calm. 

Voice actress Ruina Himeki performs the role of a relaxing sex demon onesan. 

Ear cleaning and Ear licking parts are succubus-like... a little bit... well, very ecchi. 

Soothing calm is loveliness to die for. 

0 Opening 
1 A "Little Bit" Ecchi Mimikaki 
2 Soothing Calm 
3 Ending 
EX1 Ear Licking Seduction 
EX2 Her Sleeping Breaths

Package illustration 
System voice
2014 Calendar 

CV: Ruina Himeki

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