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Circle : ajaib suara
Release : May/18/2014
Series : Twin Sister
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 839 MB

RJ081913-Twin Sister 1 (56 min) 
RJ084560-Let's Date Some Perverted Twin Sisters (71 min) 
RJ089728-Let's Take Some Perverted Twin Sisters to the Hot Spring (81 min) 
RJ095111-Ecchi Vacation With Hentai Twins (81 min) 
RJ099761-Chotto Hentai na Futago no Shimai to Kaisuiyoku ni Ikou (89 min) 
RJ107508-A Christmas Wish of Slightly Naughty Twin Sisters (76 min) 
RJ113387-Let's Get Maid-Laid By Pervy Twin Sisters (88 min) 
RJ119341-At the Festival with Kinda Pervy Twin Sisters (79 min) 
RJ127500-Let's Celebrate a Happy New Year with Pervert Twin Sisters (86 min) 
RJ134722-Chotto Hentai Twin Sisters With Happy Ending! (70 min) 

+ Special bundle voice drama (25 min) 
+ RJ088383-2012 - ajaib suara new year greeting (twin part only) (5 min) 

Total length: about 807 min
Format: MP3 + bonus PNG, JPEG 800x600 character art for each title 

CVs: Nanako Igarashi, Kotomi Kinari

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