Posted by : Kirazu July 11, 2019

Circle : karakkaze
Release : Jun/16/2014
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 70 MB

Presenting "I Love Girls With Accents!", an audio series with realistic dialects. 

Chitose is the character, a younger girl hailing from Osaka. Her voice is performed by China (chee-nah) who grew up in Osaka and speaks in authentic "Osaka-ben". 

Lay back, relax, and enjoy the following: 

1: Intro 
2. A walk home after the date (3:03) 
3. Chitose's homemade cooking (3:52) 
4. Mimikaki service (ear cleaning) (8:09) 
5. Goodnight (14:40) 

Bonus track: Extended sound of Chitose sleeping (loopable)
Bonus track: Goodnight (left/right phasing version) 

CV: China 

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