Posted by : Kirazu July 13, 2019

Circle : Bestiophobia Sound
Release : Nov/18/2014
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 903 MB

You, blindfolded, are gently taught to obey the every command of your queen. 
You can't see her, but know that she is watching with interest. 
An erotic S&M training audio in multiple parts for the masochist listener. 

Introduction (1st time, 2nd time and beyond) 
Stripped and observed
Prostate probe
Wanking toy 
Harder wanking 
Nipple masturbation 
Nipple masturbation extended 
Tantric denial of orgasm
Orgasm (wanking toy)
Orgasm (masturbation)
Orgasm (friction with the bed) 
Ending (1st time, 2nd time and beyond) 
... plus other contents, bonus voice 

Total length: 2 hours 20 min 00 sec 

CV: Karin Inoue

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