Posted by : Kirazu July 26, 2019

Circle : asakurashop
Release : Nov/27/2015
Series : Asakuraya
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 203 MB

The first "Relaxation Zone" for ASMR fans suitable for all ages. 
Enjoy a very relaxing visit to Asakuraya. 

Your attendant is Iyashi-chan. 
Walk with her, drink tea with her, rest your head on her lap......
Fall asleep in a gentle environment together......

Binaural recording. Also high fidelity main file included. 

01 Welcome to Asakuraya 11 min 20 sec
02 A mild ear cleaning 6 min 49 sec 
93 Second trip to the parlor w/ falling asleep, a quiet walk, clipping naiils 22 min 23 sec 
Bonus 01 Find in private! 1 min 51 sec 
Bonus 02 Sleeping breath (1) about 10 min 
Bonus 03 Sleeping breath (2) about 10 min 

Length: about 62 minutes

CV: Akari Ayase

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