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Circle : Ketchup AjiNo Mayonnaise
Release : Aug/27/2016
Series : Sperm Management
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 136 MB

Your dear friend, a naive martial artist, is possessed by a sex demon. 
Before sleep she feels the deep craving. 
It has control now; she wants to feed on you, to be stronger... stronger... 

Her tricks are dirty. Her voice is sensual. 

Sighs, whispers, obscene words, begging, and ear nibbling will stir your loins... 

but you mustn't let her take your semen. 

Enjoy, but endure. 

After three days the succubus will leave the martial artist's body. 

Binaural & standard recording 
2 hours 02 min 44 sec (binaural portion is 1 hour 48 min) 
Includes "happy" and "bad" endings 

MP3 format 

CV: Aino Mimori

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