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Circle : ristorante
Release : Dec/02/2017
Series : Mimi x Mon
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 537 MB

This second volume of monster girl's ear teasing series features a Kraken girl.

You were helped by the Kraken girl when you were about to drown in the ocean.
So you play with the Kraken girl 'in return'. It feels not bad when demanded 
by a beautiful busty woman... Opposed to her tender looking, however, 
she is quite aggressive in sexual things as your ears and crotch are teased by her tentacle!

She gives you ear cleaning with some special marine product. 
Your internal ears are r*ped by her tentacles with suckers.
You will spend a lewd time while feeling something wrong with 
your lower body that keeps hard through a number of ejaculations...

* Key Points * 
1. Ear teasing sound effects are Binaurally recorded and edited in 3D audio effect
so that they immerse you in a variety of ear teasing that can't be done by human but Kraken.
2. A relatively larger number of ejaculation points set in this scenario!
3. Bonus "Both Ears R*ped by Tentacles" track included.

Presented in three variations: 
Binaurally Recorded version / Intensified Whispers version / Simple Monaural Version
Large / Normal volume versions for tracks with SFX available

8 tracks / Approx. 105 minutes (not counting duplicates)

CV: Ririka Morino

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