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Circle : integral
Release : Nov/17/2017
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 88 MB

In the year 2XXX, Japan.

The technological advances in the science is now at the stage of genetic design of new children.
Due to the expensive cost of the genetic modification, however, only affluent people benefit 
from the technology, making the social inequality based on two criteria: wealth in money and genes.

A 'Nature' girl Miu Kamishiro's intellectual ability is, despite her genetic poverty, 
as great as the 'Designed' people so that she belongs to the selected students' class.
But to be surrounded by 'affluent' classmates brings complex feelings into her mind...

What she wants are the 'liberation' and...

Yuuri Yuizaki / Yui Asami / Tarou Kayano / 
Miyako Oono / Nakuru Aitsuki / Yukito / Kyuuri / Matsukaze

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