Posted by : Kirazu July 28, 2019

Circle : motipurin
Release : May/12/2018
Series : Voice Works
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 402 MB

* Please check the voice quality by downloading the demo version.

* All Voice & SFX are recorded with a binaural microphone in a recording studio!

* A short animation is included! She moves smoothly in high resolution!

* Both of your ears are licked in most scenes!

* You will be forced to cum repeatedly in all ejaculation scenes!

For some reason, you are summoned by a succubus...

A high-handed succubus "Isabella" tells you that 
you can no longer leave the demonic realm.

Dressed with a blindfold, a collar and a chain, you are confined as Isabella's slave......!

7 tracks containing: ear licking, verbal abuse, nipple licking, handjob,
consecutive ejaculation, fellatio, kiss, cowgirl sex, creampie, fap instruction etc.
+ illustrations
+ Bonus "Isabella's cumsucking cowgirl sex" movie (approx. 9 minutes)

Total playback time: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes (incl. bonus video)

CV / Script: Kureha Uzuki

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