Posted by : Kirazu July 25, 2019

Circle : dawn-system R&D Dept. #3
Release : Jun/10/2018
Age Ratings : G-rated
File Size : 162 MB

A soothing voice work where a kind mother spoils you; suitable for all ages.
She will give you the energy to live for tomorrow.

3 tracks x 4 variations

[Track List]
1. Pampering voice
2. Sooth you to sleep voice (loopable)
3. Sleeping breaths (loopable / binaural like variations)

Playback: approximately 17 minutes
+ bonus track (Type A 'was too erotic so didn't make the final cut' ver.)

The above 3 tracks x 4 variations (different voices, same content)

Type A: Elder Sister Mama [Approx 17 minutes]
Type B: Calm Gentle Mama [Approx 19 minutes]
Type C: Young Mam [Approx 19 minutes]
Type D: Lovers Mama [Approx 19 minutes]

Voice Cast 
Type A: Yuuri Satsuki ( )
Type B: Koiki ( )
Type C: Gemiko Yamada ( )
Type D: Kaede Akino ( )

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