Posted by : Kirazu July 05, 2019

Circle : TriSound
Release : Jun/30/2019
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 251 MB

You are the master of this mansion and have many maids. 
This time the hard working girl Mami Mamiya will service you! 

* About This Series
"What's the true relaxation by sounds?"
"[ASMR x Characters] works should be more enjoyable!"

These feelings became motivations and finally crystallized into this series, "service dans le manoir".

Pleasant sounds and girls.
To facilitate your "imagination of scenes with characters", which can be attained 
in audio works but no other types of works, we proudly present this series
with strong emphases on ASMR stuff such as whispers, ear licking 
and sound effects, in a uniform worldview.

There is a wide range of characters including pretty, energetic and kindhearted ones.
Find your favorite girl, then be the master of this mansion and have the best relaxation time!
* In pursuit of pleasant sounds, the series products are mainly rated R-15.

01 Summer Dream (06:44)
02 Ear Cleaner Making (07:19)

[Service in the Tree Shade]
03 Ear cleaning (left) (12:28)
04 Ear cleaning (Left) (12:47)
05 Brahma (09:10)
06 Ear Blowing (16:38)

[At the Inn]
07 Ear Powder Massage (16:11)
08 Foamy Ear Cleaning (11:54)
09 Head Massage & Sleeping Together (12:07)
10 Sleep (05:02) * Loopable track

[Total playback time: 1 hour 50 min 24 sec]

+ Bonus 
+ Album art, Computer wall art 

CV: Asuka Suzuki

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