Posted by : Kirazu July 28, 2019

Circle : Circletakosu
Release : Jun/21/2019
Series : Mouth Sounds
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 150 MB

The final work for masochists, who want girls to "tease me!", "bully me!", 
"punish me", and "call me a pervert!"

This time, both slutty sadistic sisters are featured!

Heroine: Ruka Kamisato - B89 W62 H88
The older of the two beautiful sisters who live next door.
She is quick witted and a sadistic girl who can easily read what you are thinking.
She gets infatuated with things she likes, and she's currently looking for a new toy.
A seduction master who will analyze your favorite spots to tease and please.

Heroine: Futaba Kamisato - B85 W58 H86
The younger of the two beautiful sisters who live next door.
Despite her looks, she is a little pessimistic about love.
She has been interested in lewd things, but hasn't known where to start.
She's secretly been harboring feelings towards you, her neighbor.

3 tracks in approx. 1 hour 7 min

Futaba Kamisato CV: Mashiro Kazahana
Ruka Kamisato CV: Buchi Nekota

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